Introduction Of Diamond & CBN Wheel
How to Designate?
Jay Khodiyar Corporation Diamond & CBN Wheels are fully designated by Wheel Type, Abrasive, Mesh Size, Grade, Concentration and Bond Type. To designate and order a special wheel fully, the following important steps have to be followed:
  1. Specify Wheel Shape
  2. Specify Abrasive Shape, Mesh, Concentration
  3. Specify Dimensions
1. Specify Shape of Wheel:
The wheel shown below is a 15V9 wheel Fig. 1
2. Specify Grade of Bonded Layer:
3. Specify Dimensions:
The important wheel dimensions to be specified are
  1. 1 = Diameter of the wheel 'D'
  2. 2 = Width of the Abrasive Section W or V
  3. 3 = Depth of Abrasive X
  1. 4 = Overall thickness of wheel T
  2. 5 = Bore of the wheel H
  3. Note: See example in Fig. 1